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Your Team

We are a growing team and are always looking to add passionate people into the mix.  Join Us if you see interest and want to Materialize ideas through technology and creativity. Write to us at : hr@edufee.com

Ajay Chordia Shantilal


Ajay commands the development effort at EDUFEE . He is constantly looking to identify newer, more efficient tools and opportunities to better the direction of Edufee. His mixed background of Engineering and Marketing allows him to look at the functionality of the company on a wider scale, making smart decisions from a business strategy perspective while fostering a creative environment for day-to-day operations. When he is not flexing his brain muscles at work, Ajay is working on few other projects in and around his house, hanging out with family and friends and dreaming up ways to make Edufee bigger and better. Ajay is an avid traveler with passion for food and culture.

Boopathi Raja

Project Manager

Boopathi is a Software Engineer who spends a lot of time working on our database architecture and code. Which means he's fluent in MySQL and has a strong strength in Core PHP. He is truly involved in creating solutions and materialize ideas. It has a lot to do with technology, but also with people and processes which he manages.

Shafeer Ahamed

Sr. Development Engineer

Yes we can do !!! and an ever smiling attitude - Shafeer is technical backbone of EDUFEE. He is among one of the most efficient developers in our team. His strong development expertise and coding knowledge has brought Edufee to its current shape .

Praveen Kumar

Development Engineer

One of the quietest developer in our team and sometimes we wonder if he is even around while sitting next to him.  Be it bringing dynamic contents to the user or ensuring security and privileged access of data to the right user - he is responsible for it in module integration.

Nandha Kumar

Development Engineer

He is responsible for individual modules and sub-modules of Edufee, implementing the logical flow to adding codes to design he is the go to person for logical issues.

Mohinder Kumar

Design Engineer

Mohinder focuses constantly on an idea  -  creating user experiences that are "brilliantly simple and beautifully usable," . His creativity and design skills are unmatched,  being young and vibrant he is responsible for making sure our platform is always a pleasure to use.

Arockia Mary

Jr. Development Engineer

Mary joined us as an intern. Her interest  to learn and adopt new technologies got us to get her on board with our product initiative team and eventually to contribute to edufee team. Her simplicity is probably most admired and so is her caring nature. She is responsible for setup and customer support.

Thirukura Vadivu

Jr. Development Engineer

Thiru as she often called also joined us as an intern. She is outspoken and champions lots of work place initiatives. Her confidence and contribution to product initiative team got her placed with the edufee team and she is responsible for Quality Assurance.

Bavindra Prasad

Technical Marketing Engineer

Bavindra is the most young and dynamic member of our team. Smiling he is, and with strong passion and confidence in EDUFEE he is looking forward to take over the world with IT.