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Why Us

Our vision is "Enhancing Education Using IT"  towards that goal Edufee is an evolving platform with comprehensive IT solution for educational institutes. We partner with institutes to manage information and set processes using technology to address most IT challenges that they face.

  • Integrated Information System

    Edufee is truly integrated information system for education. A common source of repository which are seamlessly integrated to provide user information at fingertips with ease of us. We call it an ecosystem or a platform which is "Enterprise Class Highly Scalable and Truly Robust". The current sub-modules are : Student Information System Library Management System Human Resource Management System Donation / Almuni System Prospective Student System Each of the above system communicates very well with the sub-modules of the other system ensuring Data Integrity and Information Utility. The extensive reporting system provides intelligence and analytics to make smart , effective and efficient business decisions.

  • Online Payments

    Edufee has partnered with "PAYTM" enabling online payment of fees and donations in a : Safe and secured environment Anytime , anywhere and any device convenience Complete automatic account reconciliation process

  • Fast & Easy Setup , No Maintenance

    Edufee as a platform is an Advanced Web Based Application , Users don't have to worry about infrastructure , installation, or any of the overhead involved. A simple sign-up sheet will get you up and running in less than 15 minutes. The system you build is also micro-manageable at every level to tune of detailed information you want to provide. Special attention has been given to make the user interface as simple and most usable as possible. DO IT YOURSELF Videos are extensive and covers each and every aspect of EDUFEE. Our dedicated support team are there to address any of your questions and concerns and let you focus on your core value proposition.

  • Focus on Research and Development

    Edufee adds value by its ever growing investment in Research and Development. We are completely dedicated to bring product initiatives out to users. Besides a solid and robust existing roadmap we are always looking to translate user requirements into actionable strategy. We are proud to say Edufee is a forward looking platform providing solutions to keep you ahead of the curve.

  • FREE

    EDUFEE is free with no cost period. Our intrinsic value is our user base.