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About us

Edufee is an initiative of DIKUBE , it is a platform to provide comprehensive IT services for educational institutes. Edufee started with a simple concept : "Enabling institutes to accept fees and applications online". What started as a simple idea as engulfed into a solution which would help institutes of any size with or without any existing IT support to have a strong IT platform at no cost. It is an evolving application with a strong roadmap. With heavy research and development going into it each day, we are committed to set this platform as benchmark for education sector. No more complicated technology. No more implementation headaches. No more maintenance nightmares. EDUFEE makes it Simple. Secure. Easy. Efficient.

BACKGROUND : Edufee today was conceptualized in May 2014 under the name JUMPDQ. We were passionate about the whole idea and started to develop something which could be adopted instantly by educational institutes. October 2013 we were convinced that IT can propel education and it was there to stay and would become essential, and we were right and started with the project under EDUFEE. January 18, 2014 we are out with Phase 1 of our project with select few institutes under beta mode. Currently institute signup are on request basis and managed by us. Very soon we hope to open up institute signups with self-managed setup. We are on track to start Phase 2 of our project beginning April 2015, and are open to suggestions and ideas for phase 2 and phase 3 (Phase 3 - scheduled to start Nov-Dec 2015) . Please write to us at support@edufee.com for IDEAS you might have.